Ghoul Intentions

--- Jamie Marchi and J. Michael Tatum ---

Renowned and ridiculous voice actors, Jamie Marchi and J. Michael Tatum, share the hisTERRORy behind hauntings and other supernatural shenanigans.
Brought to you by Jamie Marchi and J. Michael Tatum of Ghoul Intentions

Latest Episodes…

  1. Ghostacles 18

    A request for help seeing the spirit of a lost dog, a clearly haunted house that may not be haunted (but totally is), and an update/reply regarding a previous story! ...


  2. Ghostacles 17

    In this extra special episode, we hear one long story from India! ...


  3. Ghostacles 16

    Creepy things while listening, creepy things kids say, a creepy story told by a mom, a creepy hated house, a creepy/witchy apartment, and a creepy murderer story! Special bonus: creepy sounds we heard while recording this episode. ...


  4. 36: The Shadows It Casts

    The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC and Sweeney Todd. Music by J. Michael Tatum and ...


  5. 35: The Story You Believe

    The Kelly, Kentucky Farmhouse Seige and The Black-Eyed Children. Music: J. Michael Tatum and ...